Sun Cuisines

The Marjolaine Restaurant’s subtle flavours transport us to the Mediterranean and bring back memories of summer holidays. As a fan of Italian cuisine who is inspired by southern flavours, Philippe Chevrier is taking on yet another challenge!

In the kitchen, Francesco Tedesco, the former owner of L’Osteria del Conte Verde in Turin and chef at Via Roma in Carouge, now shares his generous specialities on rue du Rhône. He is particularly fond of Mediterranean fish and marjoram and excels at making pasta.

In the dining room, the maître d’hotel Filippo Denise, who is nicknamed “Pippo” invites his guests to experience La Dolce Vita during their meals, accompanied by a magnificent selection of wines, which gives pride of place to Italian grape varieties.

Madame, Monsieur,

Le restaurant Marjolaine est fermé pour cause de travaux.

Toute l’équipe se réjouit de vous accueillir lors de la réouverture et vous invite

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