A la carte menu

Chef Francesco Tedesco and his team suggest their best specialities such as the traditional Vitello Tonnato, the home-made ravioli stuffed with braised beef or the tagliata di manzo



Planchetta of Italian cured meats and cheeses19.00
« Hunter's » planchetta : mortadella and wild boar salami, deer bresaola

Frittura di calamari « alla Romana » served with a garlic mayonnaise23.00


Market salad12.00
Traditional Vitello Tonnato22.00
Minestrone “della Mamma”14.00
Burrata and grilled vegetables, tomatoes and rocket salad with basil21.00
Prawns and artichokes served with a lobster sauce24.00
Scallop and cured ham « tataki » with a pepper cream sauce22.00
Boletes casserole served with a crispy egg and black truffle shavings25.00

Homemade Pasta and risottos

Spaghetti « alla Carbonara »22.00
Spaghetti « alle vongole veraci » and cherry tomatoes25.00
Linguine with lobster and a tomato sauce32.00
Ravioli stuffed with braised beef served with rosemary gravy25.00
Paccheri « alla Napolitana »24.00
Tagliatelle « alla Bolognese » 24.00
Prawn and burrata ravioli served with lemon tomato water25.00
Potato gnocchi and Sicilian red prawns 28.00
Risotto served with artichokes, goat cheese and candied lemon(waiting t. 20 min.)25.00
All our pasta is cooked to order - Gluten free pasta and bread available

Meat and fish

Poultry leg fricassee and morel cream sauce, served with market vegetables34.00
Suckling pig pancetta served with market vegetables42.00
Beef rib steak, “Marjolaine” sauce, served with market vegetables 42.00
« Molard » beef fillet served with boletes and chanterelles, brown sauce, market vegetables50.00
Veal rib Milanese served with market vegetables52.00
Lightly seared sea bass steak served with chopped and sautéed clams45.00
Fillet of turbot with tomato served with olives, capers and market vegetables42.00
Origin of meat: Switzerland and Austria

Origin of fish : France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Canada, U.S.A. Thailand, China MSC


Chef’s cheese selection 12.00

Children's dishes

Gnocchi « alla Napolitana »12.00
Escalope « alla Milanese », with garnish of the day16.00


« Tiramisu »12.00
Hot chocolate soufflé cooked to order(waiting t. 15 min.)12.00
Marjolaine chocolate cake with orange in a vanilla sauce10.00
Cannolo « alla Siciliana » with pistachio ice cream12.00
Hot zabaglione with Moscato and Amaretti14.00
Rum baba served with whipped cream12.00
Ice creams and sorbetsper scoop 4.00



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