The chefs propose a choice of menus for groups from 10 guests.

Menu is only served for the whole table. Available upon request


Menu 1

Chf 54.00

Traditional Vitello Tonnato
Penne « alle vongole veraci » and cherry tomatoes
Cannolo « alla Siciliana » with pistachio ice cream

Menu 2

Chf 61.00

Prawns and artichokes served with a lobster sauce
Ravioli stuffed with braised beef served with rosemary gravy

Menu 3

Chf 77.00

Boletes casserole served with a crispy egg and black truffle shavings
Fillet of turbot with tomato served with olives, capers and market vegetables
Marjolaine chocolate cake with orange in a vanilla sauce

Menu 4

Chf 87.00

Prawn and burrata ravioli served with lemon tomato water
Molard » beef fillet served with boletes and chanterelles, brown sauce, market vegetables
Hot chocolate soufflé cooked to order

Madame, Monsieur,

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